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​​"Helping you to meet your goals as an Individual."

"Vous aider à atteindre vos objectifs personnels."  

-Angele Boudreau R.P.


Welcome, I am so pleased you have visited my website.

I am a Registered Psychotherapist as well as a Holistic Therapist.

It is with pleasure that I announce my recent relocation to Crystal Falls Ontario. 

 With the current times we are in, it is with passion that I continue offering my services in the mental health area of wellness.

I have two successful businesses that are working very well together, options are available upon request when it comes to the body, mind, and spirit concepts of wellness. 

(Please see my added Facebook page “Eden’s Healing” for further description.)

The years put into a career, especially since the opening of my full-time private practice since July 2020 has been a wonderful adventure to take on being the co-founder and an added entrepreneur in my local area.  It has been nothing but a passion offering these services to the ones in need.

As we are all aware we have been through many challenges with a result of experiencing anxiety that was never an issue in the past, depression and or off days when feeling low is unexplainable. These symptoms could be an indication of “stressed out thoughts” and how the body is in need of realignment through therapy.

Holding a background of 27-years in the medical world, working at the Amelia Rising Sexual Assault Centre as a Bilingual Outreach Counsellor, and a Crisis Worker where the work as a Psychotherapist was very fulfilling at the West Nipissing General Hospital. All of the above-mentioned positions have all added to the diverse accessible types of modalities used in a therapy room.

Being certified as a PTSD Psychotherapist, the specialty in Trauma includes; past-present sexual abuse/assault, physical/emotional/mental/abuse, depression and anxiety. There are more descriptive specialties on the “services offered page”.

Hypnoth​erapy also is a new added therapy that is quite successful in releasing trauma.

Every individual who enters therapy with me is treated with a one-on-one plan, as everyone is diverse with different areas of need, the treatment plan is always personalized to the essentials of the person.

My mission is to assist, help, guide and help an individual to their own personal wellness with a goal in finding oneself on a deeper level of betterment. 

The conclusive direction of “Soul Searching” is where I want to raise awareness.  Our mind and soul balancing play’s such a large part of health, and the result is the attainment of security. This is not religiously based, as our soul or spirit is part of who we are as individuals. Our passions draw us to our most gifted areas, but at times a blockage of pain or suffering, puts a stoppage for a time until it has been cleared through extensive work within oneself.

Angele Boudreau

Registered Psychotherapist 


 Skills & Training  

Certified Counselor  

Counselling Skills Diploma (2014)

Registered Psychotherapist 


Certified PTSD Training (2015)

Bachelor of Divinity  

Spiritual Counselling 


Certified in Body-Mind-Spirit Psychology 


Certified Spiritual Kinesiology 


Certified EFT Practitioner (Emotional Focused Therapy) (2016)

Certified Life Purpose Coach 


Certified Spiritual Intuitive Guide 


Certified Trauma Hypnotherapist 


Master of Divinity in Holistic Therapy 


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